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Baxi Boiler Launch! 200, 400 and 600 Now Available

The Manufacturer

Baxi is a leading manufacturer for boilers and heating solutions for over 150 years. Providing top of the range products, Baxi produces unrivalled household hot water and heating. Recent developments in design and function has lead to reliable and energy efficient heating for any property size.

Every Baxi boiler is Energy Saving Trust endorsed, meaning homeowners can save money on heating and hot water bills. The 200, 400 and 600 ranges also feature compact and lightweight manufacturing for hassle free installation. Each collection offers a choice of 24kW and 28kW depending on the heating demands of your home. Features also include ‘A’ efficiency ratings, compatibility with various flue sizes and uSense smart controls, as well as simple hanging brackets for quick installation.


The Ranges

Each range offers its own unique heating solution for the home which can now be purchased at PlumbNation.

Baxi 200

The Baxi 200 Combi boiler features the latest boiler technology into a compact and lightweight design small enough to fit in a kitchen cupboard. The range offers powerful heating and instantaneous hot water to meet the demands of most property sizes with a choice of 24kW or 28kW outputs.

Baxi 400

The Baxi 400 Combi boiler is quiet, compact and lightweight. Installation is simple, offering great versatility for placement anywhere in the property. Similar to the 200 and 600 ranges, the Baxi 400 combination boiler is available at a 24kW or 28kW. This range has been manufactured by Baxi to be the quietest boiler on the market.

Baxi 600

The Baxi 600 Combi boiler is compact and lightweight, making it ideal to fit within cupboards. Offering only 29.5kg lift weight, the Baxi 600 is easyto install. The Baxi 600 Combi range offers powerful heating and hot water supply to meet the demands of most property sizes with the options of 24kW and 28kW.

DEPT 214117 Baxi CompatibleWithuSense RGB