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Buying Guide: Shower Baths

A shower bath is ideal for bathrooms that lack sufficient room for a separate shower enclosure and bathtub. Providing practical and space saving convenience, shower baths are the perfect solution for any bathroom size. Shower baths combine room for showering and bathing, so there’s no need to compromise.

Space saving

Most modern bathrooms don’t have the required room needed for a separate shower enclosure and a bath. Shower baths dominate family bathrooms as they combine two units into one space saving fixture.

The great availability of sizes and shapes now on offer means that choosing a new bath is simpler than ever. With a selection of widths and lengths, there’s a shower bath to suit any bathroom dimensions. A shower screen also sits alongside the edge of the bath to protect bathroom fittings from splashes. The most standard and most space saving shower bath is the classic straight bathtub. This timeless shape fits perfectly into both small and large bathrooms and can be built in to fit wall to wall. The straight bathtub is one of the most popular choices due to its simplicity and versatility. Straight baths combined with a modern bath shower screen create a sleek and minimalist style.

Designed to maximise space, shower baths are available in L and P shapes for a better showering experience. The P-shape is sleek and modern in design featuring smooth flowing curved edges. The L-shape is similar; however they incorporate contemporary angular lines. Both also require a corresponding shower screen to prevent water spraying from the shower over the bathroom.


Ideal for families

A bath is a necessity if you have a young family; however showers offer speedy convenience for busy adults. Shower baths therefore offer the best solution for both family and working life.

A bath shower mixer tap provides the best functionality for a family bathroom as the shower head will take hot and cold water from the bath tap. A shower valve controls the temperature and the flow of water by mixing hot and cold water from the water supplies. This is ideal for preventing discomfort from extreme hot and cold temperatures. A thermostatic shower valve is perhaps the best solution for young families as they usually feature an anti-scald device for safety.

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Duel functionality

Combining the practicality of a shower with the luxury to relax in a bath at the end of the day, shower baths are designed for longevity and functionality. Shower baths are a great compromise, acting as a shower and also providing the chance to relax in a full length bath. The shower head is fixed to the wall reaching over the bath at its widest point whilst not interfering with the bathing experience.

Shower baths offer a great space saving alternative and duel functionality instead of a separate bath and enclosed shower. Not only can it be used for a quick shower in the morning before work, but it also offers a place to have soothing soaks. The bath element is also ideal for families as the tub creates a great place for children to bathe.

The multi-use aspect to shower baths means they are extremely popular for bathrooms too small to accommodate separate fixtures. Shower baths offer convenient showering space and room for an indulgent bath in a singular space optimising unit.

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