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Choose a Free Coloured Grille When you Buy a Smith's SS3, SS5 or SS7 Plinth Heater

Don’t compromise on kitchen units for a bulky radiator. Have the best of both by heating your kitchen with a cleverly designed plinth heater.

PlumbNation is giving away a FREE coloured grille when you buy a Smith’s SS3, SS5 or SS7 plinth heater. To claim your free item, simply enter the corresponding promotional code at checkout when purchasing a Smith’s Plinth Heater.

How to use the discount codes:

  • To select a free white grille enter SSWHITE at checkout
  • To choose a free black grille enter SSBLACK at checkout
  • For a free brown grille please enter SSBROWN at checkout

This promotion will be available with any Smith’s SS3, SS5 or SS7 purchase between 01/03/2019 until 31/03/2019.

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Smith’s plinth heaters emit focused heat to where you need it with little impact to your electricity bills. Designed to be placed in the baseboard below the kitchen units, plinth heaters direct their heat output at the lowest level in the kitchen. The heat gently rises to heat the air whilst creating a pleasant floor temperature. The Smith’s Space Saver requires little fuss during the installation process, and is also available in a choice of grille finishes such as white, brown or black.

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Plinth heaters are a space saving alternative for heating your kitchen, being both efficient and powerful. They produce hot air that is then distributed outwards through a grille at your feet. The hydronic water based model offers more flexibility as it is connect to your central heating system, using an electric fan to distribute the warm air. Plinth heaters can be easily fitted under the kitchen units meaning wall space is not taken up by imposing radiators. This is particularly useful for smaller kitchens as plinth heaters provide more space for kitchen units or appliances.

Producing sufficient heat is no problem for a plinth heater as they emit heat immediately. These heaters offer efficient and effective heating as the large surface area heat exchanger means ample heat can be produced at a rapid rate. When combined with a wall mounted control switch, plinth heaters offer ease of use and convenient heating.

Want some more information on how to heat your kitchen with limited wall space? Take a look at Fiona’s review of the Smith’s SS3.