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Choose a Warmflow Oil Boiler for Your Home

An estimated four million households are not connected to the UK’s gas grid network. If your household is one of the many homes affected, then opt for a high efficiency oil fired boiler from Warmflow.

In our buying guide, find out which households are most suited to an oil boiler, how oil boilers work, and how to choose the right Warmflow oil boiler for you.

Do I need an oil boiler?

For homes that are off the gas grid, an oil-powered central heating system is a brilliant alternative heating solution. Heating oil is normally used in a ‘wet’ heating system. This is where an oil-fired boiler provides hot water to your radiators and tap outlets via a system of pipes that run throughout your house.

The key difference between a mains gas-powered and oil-powered heating system is that oil is purchased by the homeowner and then stored in a tank outside the home once it has been delivered. On the other hand, gas heating systems simply connect to the UK’s mains gas network.

Warmflow oil boilers

Warmflow is a market-leading manufacturer with over 45 years experience in heating homes across the UK and Ireland. The award-winning Warmflow oil fired boiler range includes the UK’s first AA rated combi boiler - delivering exceptional efficiency for your money.

At PlumbNation, Warmflow oil boiler packs provide you with all the essential components required for a new installation. All Warmflow oil boilers are easy to install and made using only the highest quality materials.

Choosing your Warmflow oil boiler

When buying a Warmflow oil boiler pack, it is important to establish what type and size boiler you require. There are 3 options currently available in the market:

  1. Combi boilers. Combi oil boilers from Warmflow provide hot water on demand for smaller homes. Combi boilers do not require a storage tank as they draw water directly from the main water supply, however the water storage contained within the unit is not as large as a standard hot water cylinder. This makes them better suited to smaller properties. Warmflow’s combi oil boiler range features the only ErP AA rated oil boiler on the market which is 30% more efficient than other leading brands - allowing you to get more heat for your money!
  2. System boilers. System boilers also draw water from the main water supply without the need for a storage tank. However they require a hot water cylinder to keep a store of hot water. A system oil boiler is recommended for larger houses where water demand is higher.
  3. Regular boilers. Regular, heat only boilers require a large feeder tank in the attic that draws water from the mains supply and then feeds the water down to the boiler. The boiler then heats the water which is sent to the radiators and which is stored in a hot water cylinder.
Choose the correct size

It is important to make sure you select the correct size of boiler for your property. A boiler which is too small will not provide the right level of heat for the demand of the property and it will be working overtime to keep up. This could cause the boiler to develop faults. An OFTEC registered installer will be able to advise you on the correct size of boiler for your property.

Opt for efficiency

The efficiency of the boiler should also be a consideration for homeowners wanting to save money. The more efficient the product, the less fuel the boiler will require to heat the house. As mentioned previously, Warmflow produce ErP AA rated combi oil boilers – the most efficient model on the market.

Cost and warranty

Finally, it is important to consider the warranty offered with the boiler. Boilers are mechanical products which have moving parts and as such can develop faults over time which can be costly to repair. For peace of mind, it is important to select a product which provides a warranty that satisfies your needs.

All Warmflow boilers come with a 2 years parts & labour warranty as standard and the new Warmflow Titanium range comes with an enhanced 5 years parts & labour warranty providing additional peace of mind. Warmflow boilers use only premium components such as Honeywell valves, Grundfos pumps & Riello burner technology as well as a 5mm steel primary heat exchanger. Warmflow boilers offer exceptional performance and will stand the test of time.


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