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Combi Boiler Review: Worcester 25i

A Worcester Combi Boiler is a highly efficient water heater and central heating system in a singular unit. Instant water heating means combi boilers are highly cost effective and energy efficient. Water is heated directly from the mains so hot water cylinder or cold storage tank are not needed. The 25i combi is ideal for homes where space is at a premium.

Worcester Combi Boilers are all highly efficient to comply with the highest rating ErP requirements, and the Worcester 25i is no exception.

Worcester Greenstar 27i 30i System Insitu

Key Features

The Worcester 25i combi boiler is ideal for smaller properties with 1-2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

With a 24kW output and 10.2 litres per minute flowrate, the 25i Combi Boiler has similar specifications to the 25Si Compact series. This improved output means greater efficiency and more power from the unit, improving performance and speeding up water heating times. The Worcester 25i combi also comes with a 5 year warranty for peace of mind.


The 25i Combi Boiler is comprised of the most modern features for efficient usage and simpler installation for engineers. The central heating output and flowrate means that the 25i has an improved specification than its predecessor, the 24i Junior. The Worcester 25i therefore features an enhanced overall output.

There is no need to dismount the boiler during a service as the expansion vessel is accessible from the front. Boiler services are therefore much quicker and easier.

The internal improvements also includes a CondenseSure style Siphon built in which is larger in size to help eradicate issues with frozen condensation.


Improvements to the user interface have dominated the design of Worcester’s current available series. Worcester 25i features a clear text display for fast navigation and an updated button layout.

Heating Control Compatibility

Worcester Combi Boilers offer a choice of compatibility with a variety of heating controls. This includes a range of brands, from the Worcester Wave to Nest 3rd Generation. These are available in boiler packs which also contain a compatible flue.

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