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Creating an Accessible Bathroom

There are currently at least 1.2 million wheelchair users in the UK and those numbers continue to increase with an ageing population. Thankfully, bathroom design has moved on leaps and bounds in recent years and both accessibility and style are achievable in any space.

Independent living and wheelchair-friendly bathrooms have become a staple feature of almost every bathroom showroom on the high street. With modern mobility aids, innovative facilities and level access bathroom layouts, there has never been so much choice for the modern homeowner.

Subtle grab rail supports

Whether you are a wheelchair user or need moderate mobility support, there is a wide range of grab rails for you to choose from. These are fixed in the shower and toilet area and allow you to move with ease around the facilities. Grab rails are available in steel, chrome or plastic options for warmth. They are also available in white, colour and polished tones.

Whether you prefer a standard linear rail or a wavy shape for a designer look, there are plenty of grab rail options at PlumbNation.

Elegant and practical washbasins

An accessible bathroom needs an elegant and practical washbasin. Wall-hung or ‘floating’ basins are an ideal option as they provide ample enough space underneath the sink for a wheelchair user’s knees. This way, homeowners can position the sink at a height that’s right for them. With minimal cleaning required, a floating basin is a stylish and suitable option for all the family.

When it comes to purchasing a tap, senor taps or lever taps are brilliant options. Sensor models are triggered by movement which is really useful for those with limited dexterity. Alternatively, lever taps are relatively easy to use as they require minimal force to operate efficiently. Models with extended levers and spouts are also available from a number of specialised stores.

Accessible shower

For ultimate accessibility, consider turning your bathroom into a wet room. A wet room creates greater showering space and allows you to walk or wheel yourself in and wash away the strains of the day. Recessed shower trays are simple to install and you can opt for a shower screen to shield the floor from shower spray. A shower screen will reduce the need to waterproof the whole space and makes the wet room style more achievable than ever.

When choosing your shower, opt for an adjustable hand rail for versatility. If your mobility is particularly affected, modern water jets built into the sides of the enclosure are extremely handy for  hard-to-reach areas. With safety in mind, opt for rough, anti-slip flooring to give you extra grip and comfort underfoot.

Finally, don’t forget to kit out your shower with a comfortable and stylish slimline shower seat from PlumbNation. We offer a wide range of basic, modern, designer and fold-away shower seats that have integrated drain holes and gaps for maximum comfort. Easy to install and able to carry up to 23 stone in weight, they provide optimum comfort for users.

Specialised bathtubs

Nothing feels better than a nice relaxing soak in the bath, and there are plenty of bathing options for those who have mobility difficulties. Baths with integrated chairlifts transfer you in and out of the water and walk-in baths allow you to sit on an actual seat as you soak.

The Kubex Solo walk-in bath provides a back rest for comfort & safety and features a slip-resistant floor. You also don’t have to worry about any spillages on your bathroom floor as the bath is leak free. The Kubex bath can easily transform a room into a bathroom or en-suite without problems which you may have from a standard bath or shower.

Standard or whirlpool, the Kubex solo bath is available as a complete package including a thermostatic bath shower mixer, shower headrest, hose & riser rail, curtain and curtain rail & hook. There is also the option of a luxury whirlpool system with various flow strengths for ultimate relaxation.

Digital convenience

Digital showers are game changers for comfort and allow you to step into the perfect shower every time. With digital thermostatic accuracy, warm up modes, eco functions and multi-flip showerheads, you can enjoy the perfect personalised shower experience.

If you buy a digital shower with wireless or Bluetooth connectivity you can even install the control unit from up to 10 metres away. This allows you to switch it on and get the water hot before stepping in or place it at a height that is convenient for you.

A digital shower has an inbuilt digital thermostat which makes it a perfect showering option for family environments. The thermostat will regulate the temperature and prevent any nasty temperature spikes when someone turns the cold tap on in the kitchen.

Browse the range at PlumbNation

When it comes to designing an accessible bathroom, there is never any need to neglect the ambience of the room or forsake design and elegance. On the contrary, products available at plumbnation show how stylish accessible bathroom interiors can be and how you can relax in your perfect space.