Buteline designs, engineers and manufactures a world-acclaimed plumbing system for hot and cold potable water for both domestic and commercial applications.

Originally from London, founding engineer David J Picton, set out in 1980 to establish his manufacturing dream in New Zealand. Buteline has grown from a small family business to a dynamic international company with ISO 9001 certification, exporting to Australia, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the Pacific Islands.

Just a few reasons why many UK plumbers are using the Buteline Plumbing System...

  • 30+ years of proven joint security worldwide, with a 25 year guarantee.
  • Simplistic installer friendly installation process reduces installation times.
  • Reduces 95% of all known UK installation errors that cause leaks with other plastic plumbing systems.
  • Cost competitive against all other UK plastic plumbing systems.
  • It’s one system that does it ALL, hot & cold water, central heating and underfloor heating.
  • Buteline offers additional security without additional parts such as O-rings and pipe inserts.
  • Buteline uniquely allows you to solder to copper whilst connecting to plastic.