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Cola Stoves

Cola Stoves – warmth, style and colour for the home

The wide range of desirable pellet stoves from Cola Stoves UK offers homeowners with exactly what they want – an energy efficient, cost effective way of providing heat and hot water for their homes that’s clean and easy to use and adds a stylish focal point to any room.
Pellet stoves provide all the comfort of a real fire but without any of the hassle that goes with burning wood. Pellet stoves are easy to operate, maintain and keep clean and fuel can be purchased in easy to handle 15kg bags so there’s no need to store large quantities. On-demand heat and the facility for remote operation give homeowners complete control over their heating, whether they are at home or away.
Cola’s wide range of air (heat)and hydro (heat and hot water)pellet stoves come in many different styles and colours and can be used to heat just one room, several rooms or provide heat and hot water for the whole property.
Cola Stoves UK is the UK division of the original Italian manufacturer Cola, which was founded in 1963 as a metalworking company for the construction of heating systems. Cola is now one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of energy efficient pellet stoves and boilers.