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Tubular heaters are ideal for small spaces such as lofts, garages and cloakrooms. Their low profile and efficiency makes them great for warming small areas, not simply for providing immediate heat, but also for helping to prevent the incidence of condensation in the home that can otherwise be a nuisance to solve.

At PlumbNation you will find a huge range of tubular heaters. Built-in thermostats allow you to programme and control their operation. That means once installed they can be left to perform with little supervision. As a result they are ideal for making sure that the temperature in a room does not drop below a given value – great for using in greenhouses when you can’t be on hand to respond to changes in the weather.

The different output options across the range helps you to find the tubular heater that will best suit your needs. The units come with a 1.5m electricity supply cable and plug, making it possible to install them in hard to reach areas. These tubular electric heaters can also be joined together using an optional interlinked kit, opening up even more uses for the heaters.

You can also find a range of heater guards, available in wide selection of different sizes meaning you can find one that will fit whichever lamp you have. They are made from the most durable materials and allow the maximum amount of air to circulate, improving the overall operation and efficiency of your tubular heater. They are also tested rigorously to ensure compliance with all regulations and fantastic safety.