Having a long history of invention Fabdec have been pioneers in the fabrication of stainless steel vessels since 1960 at their UK base in Shropshire.

Being at the forefront of unvented systems since legislation changes in the 1980’s Fabdec’s latest innovation takes this to a new and unprecedented level. The patented 3S Technology offers a near maintenance free option of automatically replenishing the internal air gap – the ‘Self-Sustaining System’. Based on the Venturi principle, atmospheric air is drawn into the system as water is demanded upstream. Because this occurs as per the hot water demand it does not deteriorate in performance over a period of time. Guaranteeing 3 bar mains water pressure at outlet [subject to incoming mains pressure of course] there is no detrimental effect for everyday use.

Beautifully simple with no moving parts, a straightforward, uncomplicated installation and hassle free long life operation – this is a winning combination for installers and end-users alike. The 3S Technology is incorporated into the ‘Excelsior i’, available in a range of sizes both direct and indirect from 80l to 500l.

This added to the well-known family of Fabdec Excelsior products including horizontal and slimline vessels, which are becoming more relevant in today’s world where improvements in packaging are everything in modern build and refurbishment. In fact the SuperSlimline at 450mm diameter is one of the smallest footprints available in the UK market.

The recently updated Pioneer model offers internal expansion up to 2bar in a smart ‘British racing green’ finish, further highlighting Fabdec’s commitment to its UK heritage! This is an entry level great value vessel offering lots of appeal where a high pressure system is not a necessity and with the added benefit of no external expansion vessel to take up valuable space.

Renewable solutions and households looking for future proofing are catered for by heat pump vessels, buffers and a solar range in single and twin coil variants. This is also available in a horizontal configuration too.

A wide diverse range all designed and manufactured in the UK.