Lustrolite is an award winning high-gloss wall panel that brings to life shower walls and kitchen splashbacks. Lustrolite is mainly used in bathrooms and kitchens, and is an advanced multi-layer acrylic sheet that looks just like back painted glass. Lustrolite can be used as a replacement for bathroom or kitchen tiles, and it has a special hard coated top layer that provides extra scratch and chemical resistance. This allows for almost effortless cleaning and maintenance.

Lustrolite is available in a range of stunning colours, and the colour is permanently fused to the clear layer for long lasting design. The multi-layer acrylic sheet weighs less than a quarter of a traditional glass sheet, yet the material has 20 times the impact strength of glass. This makes Lustrolite a perfect option for any indoor vertical surface in a residential or commercial environment. The material is particularly ideal for bath surrounds, shower walls, kitchen doors and kitchen and bathroom splashbacks.

Lustrolite is far more cost effective than glass, and when compared to tiles, Lustrolite takes a third of the time to install and eliminates the need to grout. With an extensive 10 year warrantee, you know you are guaranteed long-lasting and quality design.