Nobo is based in Norway and is one of Europe’s largest producers of electric panel heaters. Nobo has been a key player in the manufacturing industry since 1918, and the brand is focused on smart design and product innovation. This has built Nobo an exceptional reputation for quality over several decades, and Nobo was recently acquired by the industry-leading Creda Heating company. Creda Heating manufactures and supplies electric heating products that give safe, instant and responsive heating on demand.  

Creda-Nobo products are exported to over twenty countries across Europe and to Australasia, and its global presence has given the company a significant hold over the electric heating market. Nobo provides a variety of products, including room thermostats, underfloor heating thermostats, panel heaters, fan heaters, storage heaters and automatic control systems for energy management. Creda-Nobo’s products are quick to install, cost less to buy than a gas boiler system, and give you greater flexibility in home and heating design.