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PlumbNation Oil Tank Guide

An Oil Tank is a necessary accessory for Oil fueled central heating systems. An oil tank is essentially a total fuel storage solution and is more economical than the more traditional older means of fuel storage. Plastic bunded oil tanks are ideal replacements for older, less efficient metal oil tanks, which being left outside in the rain have an inefficient tendency to rust. With the latest in oil tank storage technology, top manufacturers have ensured that all of their oil storage tanks are made from superior materials using intelligent build techniques that make them safer all round and better for the environment.

The capacity of an oil storage tank can range from between 1000 litres to 10,000 litres and have been designed so with the interest of controlling the amount of pollution produced. Our comprehensive Oil Tank Guide has all the essential info you will need to get started and once you know what you need you can order them safely from our website.

Bunded Oil Tank

Bunded Oil Tanks have both an inner and outer tank. The inner tank is used to store the oil, whereas the outer tank, otherwise referred to as "The Bunded", is actually there to protect the inner tank. Therefore if the inner tank splits, the oil is prevented from spilling out onto the floor by the outer bund. Bunded Tanks are considered to be environmentally friendly, and are the most recommended type of tank to have installed.

Single Skin Oil Tank

Single Skin Oil Tanks are simply one layer oil tanks, hence the name “single skin". A Single Skin Oil Tank is commonly used for family dwellings or areas that are not considered environmentally sensitive. In more environmentally sensitive areas, a Bunded Oil Tank is required instead.

Talking Oil Tanks feature a packed system designed for domestic properties, and include an electronic oil monitoring system called Watchmansonic. The Watchmansonic allows the householder to monitor the fuel level of the Oil Tank from the property, which eliminates the need for a traditional sight gauge.

Fuel Storage Oil Tanks

Fuel Storage Tanks offer the perfect solution for providing safe and lockable on-site fuel storage. Suitable for oil, diesel or petrol, Fuel Storage Tanks are fully bunded (consisting of an inner and outer layer), so they are therefore more environmentally friendly. Fuel Storage Tanks enable storage and dispensing capabilities from one complete unit. Fuel Storage Tanks are ideal for commercial companies with transport vehicles, or alternatively Farmers with on-site fuel storage needs. A Fuel Storage Tank is convenient and cost effective, enabling you to save time and money by eliminating the use of fuel stations, and storing fuel on-site will also save on costs by bulk purchasing.