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Designer Radiators

Designer radiators have replaced the traditional radiator as the only means to heat the home. Still, now thanks to innovative designers and advances in manufacturing, these designer radiators have combined beauty and unique styling with superior heat output. The choice of radiator designs on offer means that there is a stunning heat solution for any home, be it a sleek and elegant vertical model with flat straight bars or a contemporary decorative radiator that encompasses twists and curves. With plenty of designs by the leading brands, our range of designer radiators is sure to please all tastes from bold centrepieces to cool minimalist decor collaborators.

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Designer radiators make a stunning addition to the contemporary home and come in a wide range of colours, materials, shapes and sizes. Depending on the style, plumbed designer radiators may require the pipes to be in a different place to traditional models. Available in a range of innovative and creative designs you will be sure to make a statement with our high-end designer radiators. Select from our collection from reputable manufacturers where style does not compromise on quality.