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Low Surface Temperature Radiators

Low surface temperature radiators, or LST radiators as they are often commonly known, provide the ideal solution for businesses, public buildings, care homes and hospitals alike. LST radiators adhere to safety regulations stipulating that they have a lower surface temperature and sit within a cover. LST Radiators ensure that individuals do not burn themselves when brushing past or accidentally touching the radiator in environments where safety is paramount. The radiator cover or surround also acts as additional protection by concealing the radiator valves and the internal high-efficiency emitter for optimum heat output.

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Low Surface Temperature Radiators, or more commonly referred to as LST Radiators, are designed to provide the perfect solution where a low surface temperature is required for safety regulations for businesses. A LST Radiator is made up of an efficient internal heat emitter in an attractive and robust steel enclosure to ensure heat protection and conceal pipe work and valves. Be assured that low surface temperatures are designed for locations where safety and care are of paramount importance, which is why we only stock high quality and reputable manufacturers.