Advance Appliances ETS Pre Plumbed Electric Thermal Store Cylinders 160 Litre

Advance Appliances ETS Pre Plumbed Electric Thermal Store Cylinders 160 Litre
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Advance Appliances ETS Pre Plumbed Electric Thermal Store Cylinders 160 Litre

For electric properties this thermal store delivers enough hot water for single bath plus single shower applications, manufactured from stainless steel for long life. It can be fitted without an overflow.

A cylinder style stainless steel thermal store with a separate cold section, which can be delivered with an isolation kit and fitted without a discharge overflow if preferred. The store is open vented at atmospheric pressure. Mains hot water is via an internal coil and there is no need for relief valves, tun dishes or metal discharge pipes. The mains hot water production is fit for one bath plus one shower from an off peak fee.

Exceptional for small properties like apartments or the all electric home, this hot water thermal store system provides you the benefits of mains pressure hot water. Manufactured with modern lifestyles in plan, fitting the cylinder is easy, uptake of the product is minimal and the unit is compact in size.

The store is guaranteed for 10 years. The installed components are assured to last for 2 years. It has been independently tested and has resulted in a ERP Band C - the highest achievable for an electric water heater. The thermal store has newly been increased to 60mm insulation thickness to exceed Part L of the Building Regulations.

Features and Benefits:

  • 10 year cylinder guarantee.
  • Pre plumbed hot water pack fitted.
  • Two immersion heaters fitted.
  • Safe fast delivery of mains hot water.
  • One bath plus one shower.
  • Water level indicator for installations without overflow.
  • Simple technology - no PC.
  • Stainless Steel construction with 10 Year Guarantee.
  • Neat all-in-one design reduces installation time and removes the need for unsightly additional pipe work.
  • Safe Vented Store
  • No Flues
  • Compact Design
  • Only three plumbing connections to make
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Attractive and compact
  • Safe open vented store
  • ERP Class C

Advanced appliances advises this cylinder as being -
"The ETS 160 is a perfect replacement for the Gledhill Pulsacoil but without complicated printed circuit boards. It is low maintenance and made from stainless steel. It can be fitted without an overflow if the isolation kit is fitted. This is available in the drop down menu above and will turn off incoming mains if the cold section fills. The isolation kit must be bought with the ETS 160 and cannot be bought separately. The feed to the cold section should be isolated manually and a valve is fitted for this purpose."

Product Specification

Name Advance Appliances ETS Pre Plumbed Electric Thermal Store Cylinders 160 Litre
Product Code 159674
Type Thermal Store
Sub Type Indirect
Colour White
Warranty (Years) 10
Height (mm) 1450
Diameter (mm) 575
Weight (Kg) 230
Weight Empty (Kg) 45
Weight Full (Kg) 230
ErP Water Heating Efficiency B
Min Bar Pressure) 1
Max Bar Pressure 3
Flow Rate (L/min) 20
Capacity (Litres) 160
Mounting Floor
Material Stainless Steel
Advance Appliances Electric Thermal Store Data Sheet