Boiling Water Dispensers

Boiling water dispensers save time and money to give instant and constant hot water. These eliminate the need for a slow, noisy kettle and are also energy efficient to power. The instantaneous production of boiling water means that making hot drinks is much faster, which is particularly ideal in the work place and catering establishments. The dispenser uses a system that electrically heats the water through an element which then effectively maintains the temperature.

The installation of a boiling water dispenser means that you can have hot water at the touch of a button. When connected to the mains water supply the production of boiled water is unlimited, and there’s no need to inconveniently refill the dispenser.

Instant boiling water dispensers are available in a variety of finishes such as white or stainless steel. There is also a comprehensive choice of volume sizes depending on what is required of the unit. A choice of wall mounted or counter top designs provide a great selection as hot water dispensers offer versatility and flexibility in their modern designs.

These dispensers are not only convenient for commercial uses but are quickly being introduced into the home with a range of smaller models to suit the needs of a household.