Column Radiators

Column Radiator

Column Radiators are named so because they literally sport columned sections, which are easily recognisable with their bold, unique and wonderfully traditional shapes. Column radiators are normally available to buy as a 2 Column, a 3 Column and a 4 Column. Column Rads are sometimes known to generate slightly more heat than an average radiator however PlumbNation Heating Supplies recommends that you check the Watt/BTU loss rate necessary before making your radiator purchase.

Column radiators exude style and classic charm. This range is highly versatile as these beautiful period radiators compliment both traditional décor and contemporary design. The column radiator is a quality product that is affordable and attractive to any home owner. The robust style creates a characteristic focal feature to the home and is a great decorative alternative to the standard panel radiator. These elegant radiators are also designed to be as high-performing as they are attractive.

A stunning traditional column radiator could be the ideal heating solution for your home. Coming in a variety of heights and widths the column radiator provides a progressive approach to a classic design with great heat output to match. They are manufactured from steel tubular columns that are then welded to the end pieces at the top and bottom that creates the distinctive style.

Vertical column radiators come in an assortment of models from tall and classic with long slender columns to the modern shorter style with bold tubular columns. This range also includes a selection of models in a choice of single to four columns in depth. The diverse range in size and shape mean column radiators fit in almost any area, so even if you have limited wall space there is a range for you.