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Dehumidifiers & Air Coolers

If your home suffers from signs of damp or condensation then you might require a dehumidifier to solve the issue. Dehumidifiers are designed to manage a room’s humidity levels. This not only makes the air more comfortable as it removes signs of humid indoor climate but reduces your risk of respiratory illnesses too. Indications of damp being present in your home include mould on walls and condensation on your windows.

Keeping your home clear of damp is essential in the prevention of problems developing within the structure of you house, such as mould which develops from excessive damp collecting in a room. Damp is highly unpleasant and can affect both your health and electrical appliances within the home.

A dehumidifier works by drawing excess moisture from the air which helps to remove those unpleasant signs of mould growth and dampness on the walls.

There are two main types of dehumidifier to choose from; refrigerant and desiccant. They work in different ways and are both available in different sizes, such as portable small dehumidifiers. Refrigerant perform better in higher temperatures and Desiccant variations work most successfully in lower temperatures, but both offer effective moisture reducing qualities. The dehumidifier removes damp air from your room by sucking it into the system, then blows the dried air back out. The moisture drips through into a collection tank which has to be occasionally emptied for repeated use.

The higher the extraction rate, the more condensation is controlled.