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Electric Underfloor Heating Mats

Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

Electric underfloor heating mats are installed underneath the flooring within the room of choice and are powered by electricity. Electricity causes the heat mats to heat up to the desired temperature. Electric UFH Systems are easy to install and are extremely cost effective, although Water UFH Systems are generally more economical to run over a period of time.

Electric cables are attached to the fiberglass mats. These heat mats will be tailored to fit each room they are to be used in and placed especially carefully around bathroom structures such as showers and toilets. Mats can be spread out and connected together and to the mains electricity supply. Electric underfloor heating Systems work independently from your central heating system (if applicable). Electric Systems will function perfectly without your current central heating system and will not need to be connected to it in any way. This is a particularly great benefit during summer months, having the ability to step out off the bath or shower onto a luxurious warm tiled floor, without having to heat the whole house and wasting energy.

Electric UFH Systems are controlled by a programmable room thermostat, which can control time and temperature or a mixture of both. The latest controls are extremely intelligent, simple to use and have the ability over time to program themselves based on your requirements.