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Fire Surrounds & Hearths

A fireplace is a centrepiece for any household and now it’s easier than ever to achieve the perfect focal point with an excellent choice of fire surrounds and hearths. Once you’ve decided on a on a inset design from either the electric fire or gas fire selection you can complete the look with a stylish fire surround available in a variety of colours and wood finishes.

Electric fires come in a range of styles and mounting types to suit your home which means there is a design for everyone. There is no specialist installation required for electric fires and surrounds as they only need access to an electric power source.  Choose from a selection of wall mounted electric fires to the popular inset design which is also available in gas fires. These can be combined with a stylish fire surround to complete the look of your choice.

These additions to a feature fireplace offer timeless designs of beautiful wooden fire surrounds with styles that exude a cosy atmosphere to compliment your living space. With the choice of a gas or electric fire and surround you can modify your fire to suit your personal taste by selecting the fire and then the appropriate surround.

A gas or electric fireplace is the perfect choice for someone who wants to enjoy the look and feel of a real fire without the inconvenience of sourcing fuel or frequent maintenance.