Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are an essential feature for commercial washrooms for both small and large businesses. Everyone can relate to that underwhelming feeling when you approach an unimpressive hand dryer that takes an eternity to almost dry your hands. People expect better performance in electric hand dryers; however you don’t need to splash out to possess a cost effective and efficient machine that does its job successfully.

From the classic design featuring a revolving nozzle found in washrooms across the world to the latest jet blade technology that promises to dry your hands in less than ten seconds, there’s a hand dryer for every need. Hand dryers provide a low-energy and eco-friendly alternative to paper towels as they can cost up to 97% less to power per year.

The excellent choice in hand dryers now means that no matter what your budget or requirements, there remains a great variety to choose from. Premium ranges boast an impressive ten second drying time and offer stylish luxury in their designs, as well as being highly efficient. Better performance and sensible running costs don’t mean you have to pay a fortune for quality or efficiency. You can chose from high speed energy saving hand dryers to cold air systems to reduce energy consumption in a range of reasonably priced products.