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Macerator Pumps

A typical household tends to have only one bathroom / toilet that has just one soil pipe to take the waste away and that is usually at the back of the house. If you are looking to install an en suite bathroom, a shower in a new loft extension, or a downstairs toilet under the stairs, but don’t have direct access to the conventional drainage system, then a Macerator pumping system offers the ideal solution. Conventional plumbing takes the waste away from the toilet through gravity fed 100mm pipework to the soil pipe, whereas with a macerator pump, waste and water is pumped away from the unit through a 22 or 32mm pipework to a soil stack. This is commonly referred to as Small Bore pumping system. Macerators can also pump upwards, meaning pipework is unobtrusive, and can run almost anywhere, such as underfloor boards or through loft space, giving you maximum flexibility in your home.

Macerator pumps are highly functional pieces of plumbing equipment for the disposal of waste. A macerator pump allows you to pump these fluids in a particular direction by converting waste solids into liquids. The pump does this by using high speed rotational blades to reduce solid into liquid so material can be easily pumped vertically through small pipes. This is also done by the breakdown of solids by soaking them in existing liquid.

Power rating, flow rate and noise are contributing factors when selecting a macerator pump. The suitability of the pump is dependent on the use, whether commercial or domestic, and location, whether it’s to remove waste from the kitchen or bathroom. These pumps are generally either situated behind the unit or stored separately out of sight for convenience and tidiness.

Without these highly useful pieces of waste disposal equipment you would struggle to dispose of waste from bathrooms or kitchens where regular drainage systems cannot connect. The installation of a macerator pump means you can have a plumbing unit anywhere in the house.

Macerator pumps come in a range of sizes and power ratings in a selection of reputable brands. These quality products ensure that waste is disposed of efficiently and hygienically.