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Multi Fuel Stoves

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You may assume that multi fuel stoves are only found in large houses in the country. However, modern developments such as clean burn technology mean that you too can experience the pleasant warmth and crackling flames associated with a traditional cast iron stove. These contemporary stoves now feature an Airwash system which uses vents to clean the glass and prolong your flame visual.

Styles and sizes vary depending on your needs, from inset multi fuel stoves to the large free standing designs. Small multi fuel stoves provide a similar cosy atmosphere with an understated fireside ambiance ideal for those with limited space or for a feature instead of an open fire.  

The multi fuel stove allows the flexibility to burn not only wood but other solid materials such as coal, paper, peat and wood pellets. This stove unlike the well-established wood burning stove has a riddling grate to sift ash into the removable ash pan for more efficient burning. Multi fuel stoves provide an alternative energy source which supports the increase in popularity of the product over recent years. These stoves provide an efficient method for heating your home as they are beneficial during the winter months to reduce heating costs and in between seasons to contain heat to individual rooms.

Conventionally used as a source of heat, multi fuel stoves can also be used for cooking, or when used in conjunction with a hot water cylinder can provide a heat source for hot water.