Open Vented Cylinders

Hot water cylinders are continually increasing in popularity and can now be found in most homes across the UK. They are commonly used to ensure a large amount of stored hot water is available on demand for a multitude of domestic uses. Manufactured from high quality stainless steel or copper to ensure long life and durability, vented cylinders offer a more traditional approach to water storage.

The vented hot water cylinder is gravity-fed from a cold water cistern tank, usually situated in the loft space of a property. This cold water tank is used to enable trapped air to escape as well as acting as an expansion tank to accommodate the expansion of hot water. Because of this, a vented cylinder does not require the addition of an expansion vessel like the unvented cylinder. The cold water is either heated directly from an immersion heater within the cylinder or indirectly through the central heating boiler. Depending on the heating method required you have a choice of an indirect vented hot water cylinder or a direct vented cylinder.

The vertical distance of this gravity operated system determines the operating pressure of the water. This means these cylinders deliver a lower pressure of water than the mains systems. These hot water cylinders also take up more space in the property due to the combination of cold water tank and hot water cylinder. However, these hot water systems are simpler in their construction and installation.

Once in the cylinder the water is heated and then either stored for domestic use for taps, shower or bath, or used to heat radiators.