Panel Radiators

A Single Panel Single Convector Radiator is the thinnest of the radiator bunch, perfect for environments offering limited space, hence the nickname Slimline Radiators. However as they are designed for areas of limited space there is generally less need for a great output of heat, meaning less BTUs than the other Central Heating Radiator types. A Double Panel Single Convector Radiator is essentially the medium ground of the radiator types, essentially offering the best of both worlds i.e. heat vs. size. A Double Panel Single Convector Radiator is slimmer than a Double Panel Double Convector Radiator yet it will provide a higher heat output than a Single Panel Single Convector Radiator / Slimline Radiator. A Double Panel Double Convector Radiator provides high heat outputs. A Triple Panel Triple Convector Radiator provides the highest heat output making the Triple Panel Triple Convector Radiators the largest of the four main types of Radiator. However due to the size of the Triple Panel Triple Convector Radiators there will therefore be a need for a larger amount of space to accommodate its size.

Panel radiators are an essential item for your home. Whether you prefer the traditional ridged design or the modern style of flat panel radiators they are a vital contributor to your household heating.

The panel radiator comes in an assortment of styles and sizes, meaning it’s never been easier to find a radiator to suit a commercial or domestic use. The smooth features of flat panel radiators are ideal for those looking for an aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance design. Style and efficiency are the key features of modern steel radiators as the outstanding quality and performance of convector radiators justifies their unwavering popularity in the UK.

If you are looking for unbeatable heat output, double panel radiators offer superior efficiency and quality. These are suitable for any room in the house from the kitchen to the bedroom. However, if you require heating for an environment of limited space, the single panel radiator would be the most efficient choice as these are the thinnest range. Single panels are perfect for space saving as small rooms require less energy to heat, therefore the reduced output of a slim line radiator is ideal.

There is now a wide range in designer radiators to provide premium quality with stunning textures and shapes to enhance your home. Whether you want to upgrade you heating in commercial or domestic settings there is now a fantastic selection of modern panel radiators to choose from.