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Pellet Stoves

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A stylish addition to your home furnishings, the pellet stove is considered the 21st Century wood burner you can control with the flick of a switch. The increase in popularity of the pellet stove is due to its efficiency and affordability to run. This product is ideal for those who are concerned about the economic and political speculations of the rising costs in finite fuels such as oil and gas.

This is a sophisticated and luxury item that produces almost no wood smoke due to the wood pellets it requires to run. These pellets are a source of renewable energy as they are made from recycled wood waste or saw dust which means the wood pellet stove is highly cost-effective to power.

Wood pellet stoves can be easily installed. The stove is particularly useful for houses that do not allow traditional open fires to achieve the effect and heat of a wood burner in a compact unit. This stove is the ultimate example of modern stove technology as it runs on wood pellet fuel and electricity. Contemporary pellet stoves contribute to the aesthetics of a home as the ceramic cladding in an attractive choice of colours allows you to coordinate it with your existing furnishings. It also features an appealing large glass window which creates a pleasing feature for you living space.