Plumbing Traps

All water using appliances and fittings within a property must have a water tap in the waste pipe to provide a water seal to the drains or atmosphere. This is to prevent smells and bacteria entering through the drainage system. Plumbing traps and fittings come in a range of sizes and are built from a variety of materials.

Typically the pipe fits to the waste trap by either a screw coupling or a push fit ‘O’ ring coupling. One of the key aspects of any water traps is the depth of the seal which is why there is a large variety of effective styles and materials to choose from. This also means there are plumbing traps designed for specific needs such as a urinal trap or bathe waste trap.

Typically the modern waste pipe trap is manufactured in plastic or metal and normally use 40mm for general plumbing fixtures such as sinks, baths and washing machines.