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Portable Heaters

Portable Heater 

Portable heaters are a great way of heating a small area where you either do not have an existing heating unit, or need something to supplement your existing energy supply.

Using a portable heater in the home instead of relying on a gas-powered central heating system allows you to have total control of the energy you use to heat each room. You are in direct control of the thermostat, allowing you to respond to day-to-day changes in temperature without wasting energy.

At PlumbNation you will find a wide variety of units. Oil filled radiators plug directly into the wall, with oil in the columns heated by an element within. These efficient units do not need continuous energy to run: you set the thermostat level and it will only heat oil when the temperature falls below the setting you have chosen. 

You can also choose from a range of ceramic heaters, which are perfect in small spaces such as the office or in the home. For more heavy use, you can find a terrific range of fan heaters that are designed to heat larger spaces.  Our range of fan units also includes smaller domestic models that can stand-alone or can be fitted to a wall. It just depends on what level of portability you want.

Take a look at the output capacity of any of the units to see whether it would be suitable for the space you are looking to heat. If you need any advice, don’t hesitate to call our dedication support team.