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Central Heating Radiators

Choosing the right radiator can often be a tricky task so PlumbNation have exclusively developed a special tool to help you find the right radiators for your home. By entering your heating requirements for any room of your household into the PlumbNation Heating Calculator you will be instantly notified of the Watts / BTUs required to heat that room. Not only will you be supplied with super-fast heat loss results, the Heat Calculator will also recommend suitable radiators needed to satisfy those results, which will help greatly in narrowing-down your search for the perfect radiator(s) required. Please visit our radiator BTU Calculator page to begin.

Central Heating Radiators are designed to emit heat by radiation and convection. Heat is emitted via a convector or fin behind the initial radiator panel. These convectors provide the majority of heat, with a small amount radiating direct from the steel panel. This leads to greater efficiency and a more even heat distribution throughout the room.

Central Heating Radiators come in a large range of various sizes, styles and outputs, which vary depending on a variety of differing factors. It is important to ensure that the radiator chosen is sufficient in size to adequately heat the room in question. You will find a wide range of radiators that serve a number of purposes here at PlumbNation Heating Supplies; from the simple standard and compact radiators to the more contemporary designer radiators.

Panel Radiators

There are three main types of Radiator that you are likely to come across whilst browsing our PlumbNation Heating Supplies Radiator collection, and these are as follows: Single Panel Radiators, Double Panel Radiators and Double Convector Radiators. The essential difference is the size of the radiator and the amount of heat it generates, therefore when you know how much heat you will need for the desired room and your size restrictions you will then have a good solid choice for the ideal radiator solution. The output of a radiator is measured in British Thermal Units per hour (BTUs/hr). For any given room you will need a radiator (or indeed radiators) with a sufficient heat output capacity to heat that room to a satisfactory temperature level. By choosing a radiator that is too small, you will not reach the desired temperature level, by choosing a radiator that is too large you will be paying more on heating bills than you need to, thus wasting energy and money. However, you can use our Radiator Heating Calculator as a guide to help you choose the right radiator(s), which will work out the correct amount of heat required and it will also provide suitable radiators for you to choose from. Alternatively if you already know the correct heat output needed then all heat outputs are listed on our website alongside every radiator in BTUs / kWs.

  • Single Panel Single Convector Radiators (K1 / Type 11)

A Single Panel Single Convector Radiator is the thinnest of the radiator bunch, perfect for environments offering limited space, hence the nickname Slimline Radiators. However as they are designed for areas of limited space there is generally less need for a great output of heat, meaning less BTUs than the other Central Heating Radiator types. Single Panel Single Convector Radiators consist of one front steel panel, and one convector or fin.

  • Double Panel Single Convector Radiators (P+ / Type 21)

A Double Panel Single Convector Radiator is essentially the medium ground of the radiator types, essentially offering the best of both worlds i.e. heat vs. size. A Double Panel Single Convector Radiator is slimmer than a Double Panel Double Convector Radiator yet it will provide a higher heat output than a Single Panel Single Convector Radiator / Slimline Radiator. Double Panel Single Convector Radiators consist of two steel panels (one front, one back), and one convector or fin. Single Panel Double Convector Radiators consist of one steel panel, and two convector or fin.

  • Double Panel Double Convector Radiators (K2 / Type 22)

A Double Panel Double Convector Radiator provides high heat outputs. Double Panel Double Convector Radiators consist of two steel panels (one front, one back), and two convectors or fins.

  • Triple Panel Triple Convector Radiators (K3 / Type 22)

A Triple Panel Triple Convector Radiator provides the highest heat output making the Triple Panel Triple Convector Radiators the largest of the four main types of Radiator. However due to the size of the Triple Panel Triple Convector Radiators there will therefore be a need for a larger amount of space to accommodate its size. Triple Panel Triple Convector Radiators consist of three steel panels, and three convectors or fins.

LST Radiators

Low Surface Temperature Radiators, or more commonly referred to as LST Radiators, are designed to provide the perfect solution where a low surface temperature is required for safety reasons. LST Radiators comply with NHS Estates Health Guidance Notes 1998 (less than 43°C with inlet water at 82°C). A LST Radiator is made up of an efficient internal heat emitter in an attractive and robust steel enclosure to ensure heat protection and conceal pipe work and valves.

LST Radiators are commonly found in hospitals, schools and retirement homes. They are now however becoming increasingly popular within the domestic market, most commonly for nurseries, child bedrooms and disabled occupants.

Column Radiators

Column Radiators are named so because they literally sport columned sections, which are easily recognisable with their bold, unique and wonderfully traditional shapes. Column radiators are normally available to buy as a 2 Column Radiator, a 3 Column Radiator and a 4 Column Radiator. Column Radiators are sometimes known to generate slightly more heat than an average radiator however PlumbNation Heating Supplies recommends that you check the Watt/BTU loss rate necessary before making your radiator purchase.

Electric Radiators

Electric Radiators are probably the easiest and most simple way to heat a room. As Electric Radiators will not be connected to a central heating system there is therefore no need for a costly installation. Simply plug your Electric Radiators in and enjoy the warmth they provide. However heating costs over a period of time may amount to more than that of Central Heating Radiators.

Designer Radiators

The modern domestic living space has advanced considerably over the past few decades with a greater focus on contemporary and designer furnishings, designer sofas, flat screen TVs, designer tables, catapulting the modern UK home firmly into the 21st century. With this greater demand for the ultimate luxury household décor comes an amazing collection of cutting edge, efficient designer radiators from some of the most respected and up and coming names in the designer radiator market. Designed with functionality and awe inspiring aesthetics in mind, fully utilising the most stunning textures and materials available, every home with a priority for the latest design and home fashion trends available you'll find our Designer Radiators collection to have everything you could ever ask for.

Thermostatic Radiator Valve

A Thermostatic Radiator Valve is most commonly referred to as a TRV. A TRV can be fitted to your radiator to give you ultimate control of your heating system. Thermostatic Radiator Valves enable you to control the heat output from your radiators on a room-by-room basis. A TRV uses a sensor to establish the surrounding air temperature. The TRV will close down the flow to the radiator, thereby cooling the radiator and generally regulating the room temperature.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves allow you to set the room temperature as required. You also can turn the TRV down completely if you are not occupying the room in question, thus conserving energy and saving you money on your heating bills.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves can be purchased individually, if you are looking to fit to an previously installed radiator, or they can be purchased as a TRV Combi Pack, which contains the TRV and Lockshield Valve (to close off the other end of the radiator). TRV Combi Packs are ideal if you are installing / replacing radiators in your home. Thermostatic Radiators Valves are also available for the more design conscious, offering all chrome models that will blend in wonderfully with any décor.

It is also necessary that you choose the correct size TRV, which is dependent on the size of the pipe work on your radiators, generally 8mm, 10mm or 15mm. Some TRV packs include adaptor sizes to fit all, or they are individually sold in the one size.