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Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosure Guide

We have a wide range of Shower Trays, Corner Enclosures, Recessed Enclosures, Quadrant Enclosures, Pentangle Enclosures, 3 Sided Enclosures, Walk-In Enclosures and All-In-One Sealed Shower Cubicles. Available from PlumbNation showering collection.

Shower Cubicles

  • Pivot Door Enclosures - The most common type of modern Shower Cubicle. A simple design that features a single door that pivots on a single set of hinges. Very easy to keep clean & maintain, and available in a wide range of sizes.
  • Bi Fold Door Enclosures - Ideal for use where space is at a premium, a Bi-fold Shower Cubicle folds inwards into the Shower Cubicle requiring no clearance outside of the Cubicle area.
  • Sliding Door Enclosures - Mostly found on larger Shower Cubicles of 1000mm length or more. Sliding Door Shower Cubicles require no clearance outside of the Cubicle area and offer a very generous showering area.
  • Quadrant Enclosures - Designed for use in corner spaces, they are a luxury space saving option. Most Quadrant Shower Cubicles feature single or double sliding doors and require no side panels.  
  • Pentangle Enclosures - Very similar to Quadrant Enclosures, but feature a straight pivot door entry. Designed for use in corner spaces and an ideal space saving option.
  • Walk-in Enclosures - The ultimate in designer bathroom luxury. Walk-in Shower Cubicles have no moving parts and offer a sleek seamless look. Most Walk-in Enclosures offer a very generous showering space with splash areas so do not require hinged doors.