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Shower Guide

Our shower collection has been thoughtfully handpicked to offer quality showering products for all manner of bathroom designs, layouts and requirements.

  • Electric Showers - An Electric Shower is a very suitable option for your Bathroom when you are in need of classic, economic Shower to simply get the job done. They are simple to install and will always provide you with instant hot water (no need to heat your Hot Water Cylinder or use your Combi Boiler). Electric Showers only require a cold water supply and an electrical supply. Different sized kW units will require different sized supply Cable. Check with your installer before purchase. An Electric Shower must be installed by a qualified electrician. 
  • Mixer Showers - Require a cold water supply and a hot water supply from either a Hot Water Cylinder or Combination Boiler. Dependant on your hot water supply, they can offer much greater water pressure then an Electric Shower, but they will require your Boiler to be switched on. There are two main types of Mixer Shower - Concealed Valves and Exposed Valves. Concealed Valves are designed to be recessed in a tiled wall, concealing all the pipe-work and most of the Valve. An Exposed Valves is mounted on top of the tiles, exposing all the pipe-work and connections. Exposed Valves are commonly used on solid outside walls, and Concealed Valves can only be used on internal timber walls. 
  • Digital Mixer Showers - A similar design to a standard Mixer Shower - both hot & cold water supplies required, but with added technical features. Your Digital Mixer will contain a processing unit, a digital programmer, and a shower head. A hot & cold water supply is feed to the processing unit, the digital programmer allows temperature control, then the perfect temperature water is delivered to the shower head. The processing unit and digital programmer can be mounted away from the shower offering great flexibility and the option to control your shower from your bedside. Digital Mixer Showers are available in two options; Pumped - for use with Open Vented Hot water Cylinders (traditional system with a header tank in your loft), or Un-pumped/High Pressure - for use with Combination Boilers and Unvented Cylinders. 
  • Power Showers - A pumped version of an Electric Shower. Can offer much higher flow rates than a standard Electric Shower by pumping your cold water supply. Requires a cold water supply and an electrical supply. Only suitable for use on Open Vented Systems with a cold water storage tank. Not suitable for use with Combination Boilers or Unvented Systems