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Stainless Steel Sinks

Inset sink units are mounted on top of the worktop. This means that the edge of the sink unit sits above the worktop. An inset sink unit is generally fitted on plastic worktops using a clamping plate as a support material. A seal is fitted underneath the flange of the inset sink unit to prevent water from getting underneath and dripping into the kitchen unit.

An integrated sink unit is mounted flush with the worktop so that the edge of the integrated sink forms a whole with the worktop. The worktop and the edge of the sink unit fit together seamlessly, which makes the worktop easy to clean. The top of the sink unit lies flush with the top of the worktop and has the advantage of being both hygienic and sleek.

Under-build sink units are mounted underneath the worktop or at mid level. This increases the usable surface of the worktop. This method of fitting is primarily used for granite, wooden and completely plastic worktops. As the under-build sink unit is fitted below the level of the worktop it makes it easier to keep the worktop clean.

Sit-on Stainless Steel Sinks are usually found in commercial properties or older domestic properties. Instead of mounting in or on the kitchen worktop, they sit directly on the kitchen cupboard and form the worktop themselves