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Titan Tigerloop Oil De-Aerator 450626

Product code: 102915
  • 2 Year Warranty

Titan Tigerloop Oil De-Aerator 450626

Product code: 102915
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    Titan Tigerloop Oil De-Aerator

    The Titan Tigerloop is a De-Aerator pump that prevents air building up in the oil storage tank and throughout the system.When in transit, oil is constantly moving and getting churned up which causes air bubbles to collect. These air bubbles can vary in size, and tiny bubbles can pass into the nozzle line and get compressed. When the pump pressure drops, the bubble expands causing problems with oil flow and functionality.

    • Max Nozzle Capacity - 20GPH
    • Max Return Oil Pumped Into Tigerloop - 30GPH
    • Max Oil Flow - 50GPH
    • Operating Temperature - 20F - 105F
    • Max Ambient Temperature - 105F
    • Max Operating Pressure In Feed Line - 8 PSI
    • Connections - 1/4" -NPT (F)
    • Fuel Type - Nos. 1 & 2, B5 Bioheat Biofuel