Heated Towel Rails

Heated Towel Rails, also known as Towel Warmers, can provide that extra feel of luxury to your bathroom. Heated Towel Rails are available as both Wet System Heated Towel Rails (which are connected to your central heating system in place of a radiator) and Electric Heated Towel Rails (that can be installed at any property with a minimal amount of installation). Wet System Heated Towel Rails are run via your central heating system and function similar to that of a normal radiator. Electric Heated Towel Rails are quick and easy to install, as there is no need to break into your existing central heating system. You simply need a qualified electrician to connect the Heated Towel Rail to your power supply.

Wet System Heated Towel Rails can also be fitted with an electric element, which is known as “Duel Fuel”, this means that when the central heating is switched off, the electric element kicks in to provide heat for the Towel Rail (ideal during the warmer months, etc.).