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Underfloor Heating Insulation Boards

Underfloor heating systems are a great choice for heating the home, particularly under tiles or stone floors. This form of heating is becoming increasingly popular due to its widely acknowledged efficiency and money saving qualities for heating the home. They also add a touch of luxury to a new house or renovation project.

Underfloor heating insulation boards are vital for producing the efficiency expected from installing UFH. The inclusion of insulation boards means there is minimal downward heat loss into the structure and ground. When used below underfloor heating, the board greatly increases the overall efficiency of the heating system. The insulation boards are also easy to shape and cut so they can fit into most spaces.

Underfloor insulation is available in various thicknesses; however the recommended thickness is 10mm for optimum heating. Insulation also provides various positive features such as soundproofing qualities as well as being waterproof, which makes them ideal for bathrooms.

This heating alternative is a reliable and long term solution for energy saving. Effective insulation can help decrease heating costs dramatically and improve comfort by optimising your homes heat-up time as well as decreasing the heat loss from your home. A successfully insulated underfloor heating system could help reduce heating time by up to 90%.