Water Treatment

PlumbNation Water Treatment Systems Guide

Chemical water treatment systems are an indispensable solution for keeping your central heating system running efficiently at domestic or commercial properties. Your central heating systems can fall victim to a number of problematic issues and build-ups such as cold spots, mineral deposits, limescale, corrosion, rattling noises and more. Water treatment systems such as water treatment chemicals and water treatment filters can help to protect central heating system, thus cleansing and protecting your boiler, radiators, pipes and cylinder.├é┬ 

Even if you have already or intend to purchase the best possible boiler or radiators the market has to offer, improperly treated they will soon be under-performing. This means that your initial wise investment will essentially result in a substantial waste of money. Water treatment costs are very reasonable when you consider the importance of central heating repair costs if left untreated for too long a length of time, and what’s more if you order online from our PlumbNation├é┬ Water Treatment collection you will save a packet due to our highly competitive affordable prices.

Many people don’t always realise it, but in order for your central heating system to maintain its high level of efficiency it will need some good old fashioned TLC. Central heating systems are prone to damaging effects such as corrosion and lime scale. An untreated central heating system, can be affected in a variety of ways, including radiator cold spots (where metal oxides have built up inside the radiator), boiler noise, pump seizure or failure, and more. All of which can result in costly repairs or replacements, and these damages can therefore have a long term affect on your boiler efficiency. Although many boilers are considered to be highly efficient, a SEDBUK band A or B boiler without effective water treatment can suffer from lime scale and iron oxide deposits that could diminish the efficiency of the boiler over time. This will also increase your CO2 emissions and the overall cost of your fuel bills. That’s why├é┬ PlumbNation├é┬ offer all you will need to heat your home in the most efficient way and keep it that way by protecting your central heating system with our huge range of essential water treatment solutions.

Water Treatment Filter

Water Treatment Filters, or Central Heating Filters will help to prevent troublesome build-ups within your central heating systems. Water Treatment Filters are more important now then ever as with an increase in high efficiency condensing boilers so is the requirement to keep energy efficiency with the top 90% bracket. Even a small amount of an unwanted substance in your central heating system can decrease the overall efficiency of your system and can even result in a waste of fuel. By spending a small amount of money now on a Water Treatment Filter you will save a significant amount over time by preventing build-up issues, therefore Water Treatment Filter offer affordable peace of mind and are a genuinely sound investment. Our Water Treatment Filters set the standard for the heating and plumbing industry as they have been carefully selected from the leading Water treatment Filter manufacturers.

Central Heating Protector

Central Heating Protector will provide long-term protection for domestic central heating systems against internal corrosion and lime scale formation. Central Heating Protector is simple and easy to add to your system, either via your feed or expansion tank, or directly into a radiator, depending on the type of system you have. It is important to determine the correct dosage before application, if in doubt you should contact the manufacturer directly.

Central Heating Cleaner

Central Heating Cleaner is a neutral cleanser that are designed to remove all debris, sludge and scale from existing systems and can restore energy efficiency and reduce boiler noise. Central Heating Cleaner is particularly effective when used with older central heating systems and can be used in conjunction with a power flushing unit. Like Central Heating Protector, they are simple and easy to add to your system, either via your feed and expansion tank, or directly into a radiator, depending on the type of system you have. It is important to determine the correct dosage before application, and follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Central Heating Repair

As central heating systems are prone to corrosion and lime scale there are usually tell-tale indications that you can look for to help recognise the type of issue. For example if your boiler has lime scale build up, it tends to make a lot of noise, therefore a Boiler Noise Silencer is the water treatment solution for you as they are designed to reduce lime scale build up and improve efficiency. Some central heating systems will experience small leaks that are sometimes difficult to access. Leak Sealers however can be applied to your system and seal most weeps or leaks without blocking pumps or air vents. This will therefore save you time and money on draining down the system and manually. Leak Sealers are also ideal for reducing pressure loss in systems.