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Yale Maximum Security U Bike Lock With Cable

Product code: 188094
  • 2 Year Warranty

Yale Maximum Security U Bike Lock With Cable

Product code: 188094
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Yale Maximum Security U Bike Lock With Cable

U-locks are a popular used bike security solution. The maximum security U-lock with added cable will ensure your bicycle is safe and secure.
The maximum security bike lock is resistant to many forms of bike lock breakage including pick, pull, bump and drill attacks.

This level of bike lock is guaranteed to last a lifetime with an ultra-hardened shackle for the best cut and impact resistance. The lock can be secure from dirt, water and grit with seals.

The bike lock has a security cable to more improve the protection of your bike. Use this to wrap through multiple bike components such as the wheels, frame or forks.
This lightweight addition will add as an additional deterrent to any thieve attempting to steal a bike.

These locks are more suitable for bicycles that are insured the value of &£1,000 or more.

Features and Benefits:

  • High Security lock provides resistance from pick, pull, bump and drill attacks
  • Four point locking heavy duty crossbar provides maximum pull protection
  • Ultra hardened shackle for maximum cut and impact resistance
  • Double rubber protection against scratches
  • New manual keyway seals to keep water, dirt and grit out of lock internals
  • Bike bracket for storage included
  • Supplied with 4 laser cut keys (1 with micro light)
  • Supplied with cable for increased security
  • Security Level & Guarantee:
  • Conforms to Sold Secure Gold
  • Max security
  • Lifetime guarantee (25 years)The U-lock is sold secure gold which means that the lock provides a higher level or resistance against a dedicated thief.