Talbot are specialists in supplies for building and plumbing maintenance. Talbot’s MDPE (medium-density polyethylene) are manufactured to the highest standards and are suitable for above and below ground applications. Quick and easy to install, Talbot pipe fittings allow angles to be made to change the direction of the water flow, assisting run off. Talbot provide a wide range of fittings, each with their own individual function and benefits to installation. Talbot products include grippa universal adaptors, female adaptors, adaptor sets, grip and O-rings, MDPE couplings, MDPE elbows, MDPE stopcocks and MDPE double cock valves.

Talbot push fit joints are a reliable method of jointing low, medium and high density polyethylene water pipe, from 16mm to 180. Talbot fittings are easy to install with no nuts to leave undone. Simply push the pipe into the joint and you’re done!  Guaranteeing longevity and hard-wearing functionality, a Talbot joint’s grip and seal on the pipe will increase with water pressure and tensile load. This means that the pipe would have to burst or neck before the Talbot joint starts to fail.

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