Telford Copper Cylinders is a family run company that specialises in copper cylinders and stainless steel cylinders.

Telford Copper Cylinders began trading in 1989 and is a family run business manufacturing a broad range of copper and stainless steel cylinders. Telford's copper division has developed from the manufacture of traditional vented cylinders to include the advanced Tristor thermal store units and commercial calorifiers. As the plumbing and water storage cylinder market changes, Telford adapts to ensure it is always at the cutting-edge of technology, producing new products without comprimising qualilty.

After the alterations of the building regulations (Part L in England and Wales, Part J in Scotland) to increase the efficiencies of domestic hot water system design, the traditional vented cylinder has undergone a huge change. The standards now require thicker material for better corrosion resistance, and bigger coils to take advantage of higher efficiency condensing boilers. With the renewable market progressing, Telford is looking forward to what the future holds, continuing to deliver advanced and high quality products.