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Low Level Toilets

The low level toilet despite being termed “low”, features a raised cistern that is connected to a close-coupled pan using an exposed flush pipe, that is generally supplied with the cistern. A more traditional style that is more commonly found in older properties, the modern low level toilet is an excellent choice for those looking to retrofit or replace their existing toilet. Notably, the low level toilet cistern sports a lever-operated flush, in keeping with the traditional styling of this classic configuration.

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Low Level Toilets feature a cistern which mounts higher than the commonly used close coupled toilet. The pan and cistern are both exposed, but the cistern is mounted slightly above the toilet pan and is connected via an exposed 'flush pipe', which is usually supplied with the cistern. Low level toilets are usually found in older properties, or newer properties trying to achieve a traditional style. Most low level toilet cisterns have a lever operated flush handle, as opposed to the modern push button that is more commonly associated with contemporary hall hung toilets.