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Zilmet is a leading supplier in the thermo-hydraulic market and is Europe’s biggest manufacturer of top quality expansion vessels and heat exchangers.  Zilmet has production facilities, branches and distribution centres spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The company places an emphasis on product research, and provides innovative tailor-made solutions for its customers.

Zilmet invests in technology and runs highly automated production facilities. This enables the company to consistently deliver the highest quality supplies possible. All Zilmet products are designed to maximise the efficiency of plumbing installations, and they are certified for use in UK and European markets. Zilmet UK is dedicated to eco-friendly production and is a registered ‘carbon neutral’ company. With accreditation in accordance with ISO Quality Management, they demonstrate outstanding operational standards.

PlumbNation provide a wide range of Zilmet’s MDPE pipes and pipe fittings. MDPE is short for medium density polyethylene and is designed for use on below ground applications and cold water services. MDPE is a highly flexible and durable thermoplastic that has a high resistance to chemicals and prevents the build up of harmful bacteria and fungi. Zilmet’s MDPE pipe fittings are resistant to spikes in water pressure and ensure long-lasting functionality.