Bathroom Habits

We're all probably a little bit guilty of not changing bathroom essentials such as our toothbrush and bath towels as often as we should, but how do you compare to the national average?

There are a number of items in our bathrooms that need to be replaced regularly, and while it can seem like a chore to do so, you might be surprised at just how much dirt and bacteria can build up over a short space of time!

We've conducted a survey to see how often Brits actually replace these essential items, and how often it's recommended that you actually should do.

How often should you change your toothbrush?

We all know how important it is to brush twice a day, but do you ever stop and think how often you should change your toothbrush?

Over time the bristles of your toothbrush start to fray, meaning that they collect some of that harmful bacteria that you're washing off your teeth and gums every day.

The majority of people (43%) replace theirs every three months, which thankfully is exactly what the experts recommend!

However there was still a substantial number of people who left it longer than this, with 19% changing every six months, 10% doing so once a year, and 11% less frequently than that, meaning that a total of 40% of people change their toothbrush less frequently than they should.

How often should you change your toothbrush

How often should you change or clean your shower curtain?

The issue of how often to change or clean your shower curtain proved to be a much more divisive one, with the two most popular responses being at completely different ends of the spectrum.

Perhaps most shocking of all, over a third of people said they have never washed or changed their shower curtain!

However, a quarter of people were frequent cleaners, doing so at least monthly, showing that people's attitudes are clearly very different on this subject!

So, who's in the right? Well, the truth is that just 9% of people are changing or cleaning their shower curtain as frequently as they should, as it's recommended that it should be cleaned every six months, and any more often probably isn't necessary.

If you do start to spot mould, mildew and other buildup though, don't hesitate to give it a wash.

How often should you change or clean your shower curtain

How often should you change or wash your towels?

Stepping out of a hot shower always feels rejuvenating, but just how clean are you actually getting if you're drying yourself off with an old towel?

Unfortunately, bath towels collect a host of microorganisms after a few uses, which thrive in a wet, damp environment, meaning that your shower or bath routine might not be as hygienic as you think.

Once again, it seems like the British public are pretty in tune with science, as it's recommended that you wash your towel after every three uses, which is what just over a third (34%) of people said.

However, a combined 40% of people were happy to leave their towels longer than this, with 24% saying they would wash every six uses, and 18% even saying they would wait at least ten uses.

How often should you change or wash your towels

Jordan Chance at PlumbNation comments on the findings:

"It's interesting to see how often the average person replaces their bathroom essentials. While some people are not aware of how many germs linger on towels and toothbrush bristles, thankfully most Brits seem to be replacing their bathroom products on a regular basis in line with what the science recommends. However, it is concerning that a third of Brits have never washed or changed their shower curtain and 40% of the population are happy to leave their towels unwashed after three uses."

We hope this research gets people thinking about their bathroom habits and encourages people to change their toothbrush heads more often, wash their towels after three uses and make washing their shower curtain part of their cleaning routine.

Survey of 1,000 UK adults carried out via Google Surveys in October 2021.