3 Reasons Why Vertical Radiators Are The New Style Staple

Sleek and contemporary or elegant and traditional, vertical radiators are dominating the market for interior design and household heating. Radiators are now available in a variety of designs, sizes and colours. Finding a radiator to perfectly suit your home's decor is easier than ever.

Before choosing a new vertical radiator, there are a couple of things that you need to take into consideration first. The most important thing you need to do first is to calculate the amount of BTU's (British Thermal Units). Save time and use our handy calculator here. Be sure to measure the area where you would like to fit your new radiators and don't forget to double check these measurements.

Great space saving solution

Tall and slender radiators offer the ideal solution to heat a room limited on wall space, where a standard traditional style radiator isn't a practical alternative. In many homes, the radiator is often installed below the window. This is due to natural convection which is the process of cool air coming down from the window being met by the warmer air rising from the radiator. However, most homes now feature double glazing which means there is minimal to no draughts to create natural convection.

Modern radiator designs mean you can easily make the most of the available space, and not be restricted by the position of the pipework. Therefore, you now have the freedom to install a new radiator wherever you choose to enhance the design of the room.

Replacing your old radiator with a vertical radiator elsewhere in the room provides the perfect alternative to refresh your home.

Various designs available

Vertical radiators come in an array of sizes, colours and designs to perfectly suit your requirements from classic cast iron styles to sleek, contemporary models, in a choice of finishes including matt and glossy.

Black finishes are becoming more popular as it offers a stylish and contemporary statement in any household. However, white provides a timeless heating solution that blends easily with any décor and exudes classic design.

Vertical designer radiators are the ultimate choice to compliment contemporary or modern interiors. These come in an assortment of styles and colours, as well as single and double panel options. Modern radiators with flat panels and tubular columns are also available, as well as more elaborate styles for a decorative high-end aesthetic.

vertical column radiator

A stylish addition

Vertical radiators offer more than just a way to heat your home, they create a super stylish focal point too, especially the more decorative radiators. They are a great option for a hall, bedroom or bathroom, offering versatility in both style and shape. Vertical radiators can also feature a mirror surface incorporated into the design for practical duel purpose.

You can even have towel rails that are specifically designed for vertical radiators, which is especially ideal if you are planning on fitting one in your bathroom as an alternative to the traditional heated towel rail.

For further help and advice on how to fit and change a radiator or which style is right for your home, contact our team

black vertical radiator