Issues with your home heating? Or maybe you're in need of some additional radiator knowledge? Either way you've come to the right place!

Should I Turn My Water Heater Off At Night?

Should you turn your water heater off at night? Learn about the pros and cons of this hotly-debated topic in this informative guide.

How Many Watts Does a Central Heating Pump Use?

Learn about how many watts a central heating pump uses, along with with tips on choosing an efficient model, reducing power usage, and more.

Can You Leave Electric Heaters On All Night?

Considering leaving your electric heater on all night? Learn about the benefits and risks, different types of heaters and energy efficiency in our guide.

How Much Electric Does A Storage Heater Use?

Find out everything you need to know about the electricity consumption of storage heaters in light of the UK’s cost-of-living crisis.

Do I need an expansion tank for my water heater?

Looking at how to improve your water heater? Read this article on expansion tanks and how they can save you valuable money on your energy bills.

What Does a Boiler Service Include? Everything You Need to Know

If your boiler is due for its annual service, you might be wondering what to expect. Read our heating expert's guide on what a boiler service includes.

How to Fix a Leaking Radiator in Five Steps

There could be several reasons why your radiator is leaking, before calling a plumber - take a look at our five steps on how to fix a leaking radiator.

Why Is My Radiator Cold at the Bottom?

If you're experiencing a particularly heated radiator, then read this guide to determine why your radiator is cold at the bottom.

How Long Does it Take to Service a Boiler?

Not sure how long it takes to service a boiler? Read our guide to find out what to expect when getting your boiler serviced!

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Boiler? Everything You Need to Know

If you're thinking of moving your boiler, you've probably wondered how much does it cost to move? Follow our step-by-step guide here.

Does a Gas Safety Check Involve Radiators?

A gas safety health is an important aspect of renting, as well as home owning. Read our guide to whether a gas safety check involves radiators.

How to Fix an E1 Error on a Boiler

If you're wondering what an E1 error means on a boiler, read our guide on boiler error codes to determine how to fix it in simple steps.

How To Measure Your Radiator for a Radiator Cover

Installing a radiator cover can be a great addition to your home, find out how to measure your radiator for a radiator cover here.

What Does F1 Mean on a Boiler? Boiler Codes Explained

If you're wondering what F1 means on a boiler, read our guide on boiler error codes to determine what your boiler fault could be.

How To Reset a Boiler

If your boiler cuts out and you're not sure how to reset it, take a look at our guide to resetting a boiler in 3 easy steps.

What Does L2 Mean on a Boiler: Boiler Codes Explained

Boiler suddenly flashing an L2 fault code? Read our guide on L2 boiler fault codes and what to do if you encounter one.

How to Bleed Radiators With a Combi Boiler

Read our guide on how to bleed radiators with a combi boiler and learn from the experts at PlumbNation.

Can You Put a TV Above a Radiator?

Ever wondered if you can put a TV above a radiator in your home? Read our guide to find out more about decorating around radiators.

Are Heat Pumps Worth It?

Interested in buying a heat pump for your home but unsure whether it's the right call? Read our guide to learn about the pros and cons of heat pumps

Why Are Radiators Installed Under Windows?

Why are radiators installed under windows? Find out from the experts at PlumbNation.

Do Heat Pumps Work With Radiators? Answers From the Experts

Read our guide to find out if heat pumps work with radiators and discover the best central heating solution for your home.

What is a Heat Pump? Everything You Need to Know.

As temperatures drop and gas-prices rise, now could be a good time to consider a heat pump? Read on to find out their benefits and how it can keep you warm.

Why Do Boilers Have a Fan?

Everything you need to know about boiler fans, why they are needed, how do they work, and common causes of boiler fan faults.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Let PlumbNation tell you how heat pumps work and whether it's worth installing a heat pump in your home.

Towel Radiator Controls: How to Turn Them On or Off

Read our guide on towel radiator controls to discover how to turn your towel radiator on or off.

How Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work In Winter? Everything You Need to Know

Learn all about how air source pumps work in the winter with the experts at PlumbNation.

What Size Radiator Do I Need?

Discover what size radiator you need and how to choose the correct radiator for your room.

How To Change To A Renewable Heating System

Discover how to change to a renewable heating system and the different options for your home.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Central Heating?

Find out exactly how much it costs to install central heating and discover what costs are involved in updating your boiler.

How To Install A Central Heating Pump

Check out PlumbNation's step-by-step instructions for installing a central heating pump in your house to save you time and money.

How To Install Central Heating

Keeping costs low when you're renovating can be hard, so we've put together a step by step guide on how to install central heating.

How Disruptive Is Installing Central Heating?

Check out Plumbnation's guide covering central heating and if it plays a disruptive role to households.

Electric Underfloor Heating Installation: Everything You Need to Know

Our guide covers everything you need to know about electric underfloor heating installation, from potential costs to the process.

Wet Underfloor Heating Installation: Everything You Need to Know

Read our guide to discover everything you need to know about wet underfloor heating installation, from overall costs to the process.

How Much Does Underfloor Heating Cost in the UK?

All of the costs you need to consider before buying an underfloor heating system in the UK, and how to calculate for a budget estimate.

Do you need radiators with underfloor heating?

When looking to upgrade your heating system, it's important to know when you need radiators with underfloor heating or when underfloor heating isn't needed

Underfloor Heating Options: Understanding The Different Types Available

Underfloor Heating is the most cost-efficient way to heat your home. Find out more on PlumbNation’s heating solutions

Can you remove a radiator and still use central heating

We answer all the questions on safety removing a radiator and still using your central heating in your home

Does turning off radiators save money

Alternative methods and tricks to reduce your heating bills without compromising on comfort.

Expert Advice on Underfloor Heating Boiler Requirements

Discover everything you need to know about underfloor heating boilers, the requirements they have and whether the heating system is right for you.

Electric Vs Water Underfloor Heating

Discover the different types of underfloor heating, including Electric vs Water Underfloor Heating, in Plumbnation’s expert guide.

Optimal Room Temperature

It can feel like a constant balancing act trying to get the room temperature just right. We've put together a guide on what are the scientifically recommended optimal temperatures for different groups.

How to Turn Off Your Water Supply to Your House

Learn where to find and how to shut off your water supply to your house for all those essential maintenance and plumbing jobs

Homebuilders Report 2021

Building your own home is a common dream to have, check out our blog for The UK’s biggest self-build hotspots.

Radiator Valves Explained

Read our guide to radiator valves to find out all you need to know about manual valves, thermostatic valves, and smart thermostatic valves.

How to change a radiator valve

Changing a radiator valve doesn't need to be complicated. Find out how to change a radiator valve safely with our guide at PlumbNation.

How to Fit and Change a Radiator

A simple step by step guide on how to fit and change a radiator yourself without the need of a plumber.

How to Balance Radiators

Learn how to balance your radiators with our step-by-step guide, including when you should balance your radiators and the tools you’ll need before you start.

What are the running costs of electric heaters?

Learn how to quickly and easily calculator the running costs of electric heaters and electric radiators for a room

Combi Boiler vs Regular Boiler vs System Boiler, What's the difference?

A comprehensive guide to help you understand the difference between a Combination boiler, Regular boiler and System Boiler, three of the most common boilers you will find in domestic households.

Electric vs Gas Heating

Electric vs Gas heating, which should you choose for your home?

Types of Boilers Explained

Learn everything about the three different types of boiler systems for your home, and which is the best type of boiler for your home.

Boiler pressure explained

Boiler pressure too high? Or running too low? Our guide to boiler pressure explains everything should you have problems and what the ideal boiler pressure should be

Should Gas Boilers Really be Banned in New Homes by 2025?

Should Gas Boilers Really be Banned in New Homes by 2025? Find out more information here!

How to Prepare Your Heating System for Winter

The cold weather puts a great deal of pressure on our heating systems so make sure yours is prepped for winter!

Should You Swap Your Conventional Boiler to a Combi?

Should You Swap Your Conventional Boiler to a Combi? Find out if it's something you should do here.

Save Money on your Central Heating this Christmas

Follow these simple central heating tips and tricks and you can save those pennies and stay warm all year round.

Gas Central Heating or Electric Radiators: Which is Best for Your Home?

Electric radiators are becoming a popular alternative for heating the home but are they better than gas central heating? Find out here!

What Are The Most Common Boiler Problems?

Keeping up with an annual service will help you keep on top of your boiler's functionality and potentially prevent major problems from happening. However, small faults are a common occurrence in household boiler systems. Find out more here!

Why Do We Argue About The Heating?

Many people look forward to the cosy nights and count-down the day until old St Nick makes an appearance down our chimneys. However, this time of year is not tranquil for all... For some, it means only one thing - 'Heating Wars!'

Is it more efficient to keep your heating on?

With the colder temperatures and the longer nights looming, many people are finally turning their heating on. But is that the most efficient way of doing things?

The Benefits of Vented Hot Water Cylinders

Also known as 'gravity fed water systems', vented cylinders rely on gravity and the elevation of the water tank for more powerful water pressure. Find out why they might work for you!

How to future-proof your fuel burning habits

With the Government focusing to clean up the UK's air quality, wood burners and multi-fuel alternatives are likely to come under fire. Find out how you can future-proof your fuel burners.

Vented vs Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

Let's assess which cylinder is better in the Vented Vs Unvented cylinder battle. You might be surprised at what you learn!

3 Reasons Why Vertical Radiators Are The New Style Staple

Vertical Radiators are the best in home heating style, practicality and function. Find out more here.

Renewable Energy for UK Homes

Everything you need to know about renewable energy and how it can benefit your home.

6 Reasons to Buy a New Boiler This Summer

Don't leave replacing your boiler until winter. Find out why it's best to do it in the summer here.

How Does the Nest Learning Thermostat Work?

With energy prices constantly rising, keeping track of your heating expenditure has never been so important. Save some money with a Nest Learning Thermostat.

Give your Heated Towel Rail an Update

Find out how to update your heated towel rail to save you money!

The Essential Guide to Storage Heaters

Storage heaters are electric heaters that store thermal energy through the heating of internal ceramic bricks during the night. The stored heat can then warm the property during the day.

Save Money on Your Heating Bills this Winter

Follow these simple tips and tricks to save some serious money on your heating bills this winter.

The Best Heating Solutions for your Kitchen

Creating a welcoming atmosphere relies on maintaining a warm environment as the kitchen acts as a hub for the rest of the home. Find out how here!

Portable Electric Heaters: All You Need To Know

Everyone wants a cosy home for Christmas, and portable electric heaters are brilliant for boosting the heat levels in your home.

The Importance of Radiator Valves

Why are radiator valves so important? Find out about style, installation and more here!

Wood Burner Boom: Why Stoves Are Hot on Trend

Wood burners make great focal points for interiors and offer cleaner and more efficient heating than open fireplaces. Find out why you need one today!

Hive Active Heating: The Rise of the Smart Home

No matter where you are, or what time it is, adjusting your heating is easier than ever with Hive Active heating controls.

How to Choose a Fire or Stove for your Home

Need help choosing the perfect fire to create the ideal getaway from the darker and colder nights? Look no further!

Get Ready For the Lot 20 ErP Regulation

From the 1st of January 2018, a new energy efficiency directive on all local space heaters will be implemented. Get Ready For the Lot 20 ErP Regulation.

Save Money with the Right Heating Controls

Follow these simple heating control tips and tricks to save money on your heating bills.

4 Reasons to Buy a Smart Thermostat

Why should you buy a smart thermostat? They're stylish, intelligent and can save you a fortune. Find out more here!

Central Heating Water Treatment: A Great Return on Investment

Avoid costly breakdowns by treating your central heating system. Learn more about boiler services, inhibitors, and filters right here.

Top Heating Choices For The Home

Here you'll find the top heating choices for homeowners in the UK and inspiring ways to incorporate them into your own home.

Radiator Buying Guide

Make the right choice of radiator for your home with PlumbNation's extensive Radiator Buying Guide.

5 Essential Tips for Lighting your Wood Burning Stove

A stove is the perfect companion for a cold winter night, so find out how you can get yours lit with total ease. Click to find out more.

Bathroom Underfloor Heating- Everything You Need to Know

What type of underfloor heating does your bathroom need? You'll find everything you need right here.

How to bleed a radiator - Quick guide

Why do you need to consider bleeding your radiators, and how do you do it?

What is a smart thermostat and how does it benefit me?

Smart technology has been designed to improve our lives by making things easier. Find out why a smart thermostat is so clever right here.

How do I bleed a heated towel rail?

Our guide on how to bleed a heated towel rail will help you through this quick fix for your home.

Underfloor Heating Systems - Electric vs Wet

In a different way to standard conventional heating, underfloor heating produces radiant heat providing an even and ambient heat. Keep reading to find out more.