4 Reasons to Buy a Smart Thermostat


Smart thermostats offer innovative technology to control your central heating.

Gain control over your central heating this winter with the wide variety of brands producing contemporary design, simple usability and intelligent programming. The smart home is becoming a must for modern living as many people are installing smart thermostats to simplify heating habits.

With the installation of a smart thermostat there is no need to ever come home to a cold house. They are an intelligent addition to the home, removing the mundane task of setting your central heating timer every winter. Smart thermostats learn your daily heating routines over an initial setup period, so it knows when you prefer an adjustment to your heating at various times of the day.

Through a simple app, you can control your central heating from almost anywhere. Gone are the days where you have to wait for the heating to come on, now you can control your heating from your sofa, work, or anywhere really.


Contemporary in design, featuring an attractive high quality LED screen, smart thermostats provide ultimate regulation over your heating. From the Nest Learning Thermostat to the Worcester Wave or the Vaillant vSMART, the market is thriving with high specification products to suit any home.

The attractive user interface of the Nest Learning Thermostat provides ease of use through its crisp display features. A leader in the smart home industry, Nest offers a sophisticated learning algorithm to satisfy your heating demands. Sleek and modern in its design, the Nest stylishly fits within the d├ęcor of the home.

No longer the unattractive plastic dials of the past, smart thermostats are unobtrusive and pleasing to the eye.

smart thermostat

User Friendly

Designed to incorporate unnoticed into any home, smart thermostats are an inconspicuous addition with noticeable impact to your household heating. Manufactured to digitally enhance the home, a smart thermostat provides simplistic usability and superior control. Smart thermostats all feature a user friendly interface with the options to adjust heating from the fixture itself or through the app.

Smart thermostats offer high resolution screens that display the heating temperatures of the home effectively. The fast installation and simple usability of these devices make smart thermostats a must-have addition to the property. You can also choose whether you wish to mount them on the wall or combine them with a stand to sit on a side table.


Smart thermostats learn from your initial heating preferences, identifying at what times of day you prefer it warmer. The intuitive learning algorithm of the Worcester Wave offers an adaptable programming system which also monitors information from weather reports. This combination of your own heating alterations and weather forecasts create the optimal balance for warmth and efficiency.

By connecting to the Wi-Fi, the smart thermostat modulates the power needed from your boiler. A history of your monthly energy usage can be recorded so you can monitor your heating behaviours through the app. As a result, you can easily identify when you are heating more and where you can make potential savings.

Money Saving

Smart thermostats not only heat your home, but they can also help you decrease your energy usage. Resulting in the reduced fuel bills and improved heating efficiency. Products such as the Nest Learning Thermostat feature a useful away configuration. Utilising its connection to your phone, the thermostat can identify when the house is empty, meaning no unnecessary heating. A number of handheld devices can be paired with the smart thermostat so the entire family can get involved in learning how to heat the home efficiently.

Installing a learning thermostat in your home can help create a smart household which is only heated when you need it to be. Smart thermostats can help you save money through useful eco-heating settings. These are designed to encourage awareness of you energy usage, reducing your heating bills as a result.