Is it more efficient to keep your heating on?

With the colder temperatures and the longer nights looming, many people are finally turning their heating on.

However, the ever growing issue of increasing energy costs means many people are searching for alternative methods and tricks to reduce their heating bills without compromising on comfort.

One particular issue that has triggered debate is whether it is cheaper to keep the heating at a consistent and continual temperature all day, to to have it on for short periods when most needed. Some people argue that turning it on and off during the day costs more to heat up the radiators to an ideal temperature each time. Nevertheless, some say that this is inefficient as you pay to pump energy into the home as and when it is needed. To continually pump it, even at a lower heat isn't considered to be an efficient form of heating.

Safe to stay, the debate is still confusing.

So, what is the best solution?

Using a thermostat with a timer offers a simple and speedy solution to controlling your heating effectively. Thermostats are designed to moderate you central heating by turning it on and off to maintain your chosen temperature. They work by measuring the air temperature around their location, which enables the Room Thermostat to regulate the heating system. So when the temperature falls below the setting, the thermostat switches on the central heating and once the desired temperature is reached it switches it off again.

For optimum energy saving results, a Room Thermostat should be installed in the coldest room and the TRVs (Thermostatic radiator valves) should be installed in every other room containing a radiator.

room thermostat

At PlumbNation we stock a wide range of thermostats from traditional clock styles to top of the range smart heating controls.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats offer innovative technology to control your central heating.

With the installation of a smart thermostat there is no need to ever come home to a cold house. They are an intelligent addition to the home, removing the mundane task of setting your central heating timer every winter. Smart thermostats learn your daily heating routines over an initial setup period, so it knows when you prefer an adjustment to your heating at various times of the day.

Through a simple app, you can control your central heating from almost anywhere. Top models include Nest, Hive and Honeywell Lyric.

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