Why Do We Argue About The Heating?

Many people look forward to the cosy nights and count-down the day until old St Nick makes an appearance down our chimneys. However, this time of year is not tranquil for all... For some, it means only one thing - 'Heating Wars!'

A study has shown that up to a third of couples bicker over the temperature of the central heating. From when to turn it on, how high to turn it up and whether or not it should stay on at night, heating appears to be something that household regularly argue over.

heated argument

The problem lies in the fundamental biological difference between women and men. Even though our core body temperatures are roughly the same, our perception of temperature depends on the skin, which for women tends to be lower. Metabolism and hormones are also contributing factors which mean men feel comfortable in cooler environments whereas women tend to feel the cold more.

A recent uSwitch study has found that an astounding 80% of women admit to secretly turning the heating up when their partner isn't looking. Research also found that a quarter of men turn the dial up due to pressure from their other half.

The rise of new smart home tech has also been a contributing factor in the steady increase in stealthy temperature tampering.

And what does it all boil down to? Bills, of course: 44% of those who have argued about it said it was because they were worried about the cost of putting the heating on. In fact, we're so conscious of racking up big bills that more than half of us would sooner put on an extra jumper!

Installing a smart thermostat offers great benefits when keeping an eye on your heating habits, even if it does cause squabbles on the sofa when controlling the temperature from your phone. The most premium models can even learn your heating habits and independently set your preferred temperatures at particular times of the day. Able to monitor your heating usage and stop you spending more than you have to, they are a must-have for the cost-conscious homeowner.

Aim for a harmonious home and be conscious of one another's heating needs.