How to Choose a Fire or Stove for your Home

With the frost setting in this winter our desire to stay cosy in our homes is greater than ever. Choosing the perfect fire to create the ideal getaway from the darker and colder nights is paramount for providing a comforting atmosphere.

Whether you're looking to stoke your own real fire with a multi fuel stove or you want to add a little warmth without the fuss with an electric fire, there is a fire for any home.

Electric Fires

An electric fire offers the ideal solution for homeowners looking for the effect of a fire without the hassle of refuelling it. They are the perfect heating alternative for properties which don't have a chimney as they can be located anywhere.

There is no specialist installation required for electric fires, making them the ideal choice for simple and speedy fitting. These fires require access to an electric power source to produce heat, therefore offering great versatility for installation locations.

If you're looking for a quick fix for your living room heating, electric fires exude welcoming warmth at the flick of a switch. Choose from a selection of styles, from minimalist contemporary designs to the more traditional models. Also available in a variety of mounting types, electric fires can be purchased in wall mounted and inset designs. From the sleek lines of wall hung fires featuring modern steel or glass frames to traditional free standing stoves, there's an electric fire for any taste.

electric fire

Gas Fires

Available in a range of styles and mounting types, the gas fire is constantly popular with homeowners. Perhaps the most traditional and prevalent design for the home is the inset gas fire collection as they offer versatility for any decor preference. Often situated in a conventional hearth setting, inset gas fires offer a comforting and familiar focal feature.

Progression in design and manufacturing means that gas fires face a bright future in the heating of homes. For example, Purpose built openings in the chimney breast creates a contemporary and unconventional finish to the standard gas fire.

Some gas fires don’t even require a chimney to produce heat for your home. Balanced flue gas fires offer the aesthetic appeal of a real fire without the maintenance. Similarly, Flueless gas fires contain in-built unique catalytic converter systems which run at 100% efficiency. These gas fires direct all the heat produced into the room to create unparalleled warmth.

The great choice of style now on offer includes minimalist modernism to homely and traditional. Transforming your home has never been easier than switching up your fire to reflect your individual taste.

Multi Fuel and Wood Burning Stoves

The traditional stove offers the ultimate focal feature for the home. Providing both warmth and timeless style, multi fuel and wood burning stoves offer the perfect heating solution for any property.

Proving a substantial heating alternative for the home, stoves are an efficient method for sustainable heat production. Particularly beneficial during the winter months, stoves can offer reduced energy costs as they can effectively heat individual rooms. Styles and sizes vary depending on your requirements, from inset stoves to larger free standing models to suit any property. Small multi fuel stoves provide a similar cosy atmosphere with an understated fireside ambiance ideal for those with limited space.

New models now feature top quality manufacturing with features such as clean burn technology. Airwash systems also come as standard with many brands to help reduce soot collecting within the stove. This is achieved by using vents to clean the glass, consequently reducing your need to manually clean it.

Multi fuel stoves offer more flexibility in fuel types as you can use coal and paper as well as wood. Wood burning stoves however can only use wood for fuel as they don't feature a riddling great which is used within the manufacturing of multi fuel variations. This grate sifts ash into a removable ash pan to create more efficient burning.

wood burning stove