Electric Fires

Electric fires are a fantastic option to heat your home when you do not have a chimney or are merely looking for an alternative to a gas fire. By simply plugging in an electric fire, you can enjoy the warm atmospheric glow of the realistic flame effect that looks just like the real thing thanks to the latest display technologies. Enjoy the cosiness of a traditional log flame effect, or revel in the contemporary majesty of a wall-mounted electric fire. Many of our electric fires allow more control over heat output with a remote control feature, meaning you can sit back and relax.

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  1. Wall Mounted Electric Fires

    Wall Mounted Electric Fires

    5 choices
    From £89.18
  2. Freestanding Electric Fires

    Freestanding Electric Fires

    3 choices
    From £230.74
  3. Inset Electric Fires

    Inset Electric Fires

    9 choices
    From £70.26
  4. Electric Fire Suites

    Electric Fire Suites

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    From £474.99

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  6. dimplex-driftwood-river-rock-fuel-effect-accessory-for-ignite-50-electric-fire

    Dimplex Driftwood River Rock Fuel Effect Accessory for Ignite 50 Electric Fire - DRR50

  7. be-modern-26-adali-p2757-engine-only-wall-mounted-fire

    Be Modern 26" Adali P2757 Engine Only Wall Mounted Fire - 28045

  8. dimplex-driftwood-river-rock-fuel-effect-accessory-for-ignite-74-electric-fire

    Dimplex Driftwood River Rock Fuel Effect Accessory for Ignite 74 Electric Fire - DRR74

    Was £ 199.00

    Save 49%

    £ 100.51

    In Stock
  9. valor-savena-ecolite-electric-fire-chrome

    Valor Savena Ecolite Electric Fire Chrome - 047519

  10. dimplex-adagio-electric-fire-brass

    Dimplex Adagio Electric Fire Brass - ADG20BRE

  11. dimplex-kingsley-deluxe-freestanding-electric-fire-chrome

    Dimplex Kingsley Deluxe Freestanding Electric Fire Chrome - KNG20X-CH

  12. dimplex-artesia-wall-mounted-electric-fire

    Dimplex Artesia Wall Mounted Electric Fire - ART20

  13. dimplex-bach-electric-fire

    Dimplex Bach Electric Fire - BCH20E

  14. valor-dream-slimline-dimension-black-electric-fire

    Valor Dream Slimline Dimension Black Electric Fire - 0585015

    Was £ 427.93

    Save 18%

    £ 352.80

    In Stock
  15. dimplex-portree-3d-optiflame-electric-fire-chrome

    Dimplex Portree 3D Optiflame Electric Fire Chrome - POR20CH

  16. dimplex-kingsley-deluxe-freestanding-electric-fire-brass

    Dimplex Kingsley Deluxe Freestanding Electric Fire Brass - KNG20X-BR

  17. dimplex-crestmore-optimyst-electric-fire-brass

    Dimplex Crestmore Optimyst Electric Fire Brass - CRS20

  18. dimplex-mozart-electric-fire-suite

    Dimplex Mozart Electric Fire Suite - MZT20E

  19. dimplex-penngrove-opti-myst-electric-inset-fire-chrome

    Dimplex Penngrove Opti-Myst Electric Inset Fire Chrome - PNN20

  20. dimplex-chadwick-electric-fire-suite-stone

    Dimplex Chadwick Electric Fire Suite Stone - CDW15XHD

  21. dimplex-ignite-50-hole-in-the-wall-optiflame-electric-fire-black

    Dimplex Ignite 50 Hole in the Wall Optiflame Electric Fire Black - XLF50

  22. dimplex-ignite-74-hole-in-the-wall-optiflame-electric-fire-black

    Dimplex Ignite 74 Hole in the Wall Optiflame Electric Fire Black - XLF74

  23. valor-balmoral-ecolite-electric-fire-brass

    Valor Balmoral Ecolite Electric Fire Brass - 047496

    £ 227.75

    Extended Lead Time, 2 Weeks+
  24. dimplex-zamora-freestanding-electric-fire

    Dimplex Zamora Freestanding Electric Fire

    £ 230.74

    Extended Lead Time, 2 Weeks+
  25. be-modern-52-hansford-grande-2606-timber-electric-stove-suite-pearl-cash-anthracite

    Be Modern 52" Hansford Grande 2606 Timber Electric Stove Suite Pearl Cash Anthracite - 24813

    £ 959.00

    Extended Lead Time, 2 Weeks+